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69th IETF meeting
Softwires solution for the IPv4 MIPv6 interworking issue
A presentation in the 69th IETF meeting about how the Softwires protocol can be used as solution for the IPv4 MIPV6 interworking issue

Conference in the University of Passau
Deployment of MIPv6 in operational networks
French IPv6 Summit
Deployment MIPv6 in operational networks
FITCE Congress 47
Scenarios Designed for the Verification of Mobile IPv6 Enabling Technologies
General presentations in several meetings
Project overview
A brief brochure describing the aims and key aspects of the ENABLE project

Project presentation
A general presentation done in several meetings about the goals, key research objectives and other aspects about the ENABLE project
IST OpenNet Workshop
Deployment MIPv6 in operational networks
Presentation about QoS and multihoming in mobility environments

Mobile Communitation Lecture in the Universitiy of Goettingen
ENABLE Project Presentation (in German)
A general presentation about the ENABLE project

MIPv6 Design (in German)
A presentation about the key aspects of the MIPv6 design
The 16th WWRF Meeting
Views on wireless network convergence