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Main Objectives:
ENABLE will concentrate on the following main areas of work:
Enhancement of Mobile IPv6 to enable, in the medium term, the offering of transparent terminal mobility in large operational networks including multiple administrative domains, heterogeneous access technologies and a rapidly growing number of users. This activity will address outstanding Mobile IPv6 issues like service authorization, autoconfiguration, interworking with IPv4, coexistence with IPv6 middle-boxes (e.g., firewalls) and protocol reliability.
Enrichment of the basic mobility service provided by Mobile IPv6 with a set of additional features, enabling the on-demand activation and autoconfiguration of specific "premium" network features (e.g., multihoming, QoS, fast handovers) based on the operator policies and customer's profiles.
Analysis of goals and design principles for the evolution beyond Mobile IPv6 in the long term. This activity will investigate scalability and performance issues that Mobile IPv6 might raise when the vast majority of Internet nodes will become mobile, introducing the requirements for a highly efficient treatment of traffics generated on the move. Moreover, the promising but not yet fully understood mobility management alternatives (e.g., Host Identity Protocol) will be assessed, with the objective to identify possible strategies for their smooth deployment starting from an architecture based on Mobile IPv6.
DISCLAIMER: "ENABLE is a part-funded EC (IST-027002) project. The information/views generated by the project may not completely align with those of the individual participating companies or The European Community. Although the project's information/views are considered accurate no responsibility will be accepted for their subsequent use."
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